I aim to use design to create a sense of belonging, community engagement and contribute to positive social impact. Passion projects such as The Conservatory will provide local jobs in health care, research, education, agriculture, the tourism sector, collaborating with local artists, tradesmen, service staff and professionals. The Conservatory centre will provide a sense of ownership and pride for locals and international visitors alike to help preserve Canadian culture and conserve our land.


Upon completion, this space will allow for introspection, creativity, research, healing and develop consciousness through specific guided programs and available residencies.


In my lifetime, I hope to construct buildings that are sacred spaces. Ones in which people responsibly interact with nature, engage within their community and find purpose. This centre will provide a culturally rich and high quality of life not for some but for all. Within this living community, we can lower our work loads, reduce debt culture by sharing land, knowledge, resources and food, while decreasing transportation and consumption needs. The ideal is to seek design solutions and innovative research methodologies for a more sustainable ecological future.  


What makes good design?


Values and integrity: A practice with utmost respect for the discipline of design, ethics, serving the clients and all inhabitants Education: Engaged process, exploration of new technology and methodology and applied studio practice

Knowledge and appreciation: Understanding of art history, cultural expression and its contemporary purpose

Humanistic values and applied studies: Needs and consideration of the future patron, generations and public

Accessible design: Building codes, universal design application and safety

Materiality: Honesty and respect for materials that are ethically sourced, exploration of new materials and use of reclaimed products

Critical regionalism: Respect for history, land and culture

Craftsmanship and joy in labor: Self-expression, individuality, fair trade and safe labor practices

Sustainability: Health of our planet and ourselves

Functionality: Providing rich and diverse programs 

Aesthetics and beauty: Strive for simplicity, elegance, ambient, experiential design 

Originality and unique design: Favouring custom pieces that employ local artisans 

Responsibility: Understanding of necessary evils- technology and mechanization, production, maintenance, transport, waste, human error, budgets and time constraints

Image by Kara Block http://www.karablock.com