I was born and raised in the Canadian Rockies and quickly discovered my interest in the arts. I classically studied ballet, piano and French at an early age before immersing myself into the fashion industry. I trained at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon in London, UK for hair design and became a key hair and make up artist represented by top agencies. I have spent over a decade as a freelance artist and consultant working with celebrities, artists and an international high profile clientele. While working on set I was inspired by the landscapes, set design and effects of lighting. The imperative impact the set has on the narrative and key components in translating the concept was of interest to me. These influences seduced me into pursuing design on a much broader scale. While running my business in fashion I explored academia and eventually found love and purpose in design.


My interest in education and learning brought me to study Art History and Philosophy at Capilano University, Communications at Simon Fraser University and Environmental Design at Ontario University of Art and Design.


I am well known for my efforts and collaboration in fashion, design and art due to my diverse range of skills, abstract thinking, precision, attention to detail, languages, communication, presentation and public speaking abilities. My background in fashion and art has provided me with a refined aesthetic and style which translates into my work in design. 

Portrait for BECAUSE I'M A GIRL foundation 

inspiring girls to pursue education 



Tel: 17789909853

Email: ashleygesner@gmail.com

 Vancouver BC

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